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@Nishant: In the char s[] = "hello" case, the "hello" is just an initialiser telling the compiler how the array should be initialised. It may or may not result in a corresponding string in the text segment - for example, if s has static storage duration then it is likely that the only instance of "hello" will be in the initialised data segment - the object s itself.

Char values and interop. When a managed Char type, which is represented as a Unicode UTF encoded code unit, is passed to unmanaged code, the interop marshaler converts the character set to ANSI by default. You can apply the DllImportAttribute attribute to platform invoke declarations and the StructLayoutAttribute attribute to a COM interop declaration to control which character set a. Raffle will be drawn Tuesday 27th at the Char Char Char Mens Health Night. Prizes can be delivered within Melbourne South East otherwise pickup will be from either Char Char Char Store. Thanks again to everyone that has backed this fantastic cause by either donating or buying tickets you are all champions!
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The construct char *valA = "value"; allocates two objects: a char pointer in the program's data section (typically four or eight bytes in size) and a const array of (in this case six) chars in the read-only data section.A NUL terminator is included as the last char of the array.

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